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How to Fix Avpui.exe Error on Windows 8

avpui.exe error

Some people love Windows 8, while some users hate it with a passion. Well, it’s up to you whether to like it or not. But there is something everyone hates – Windows 8 errors and crashes. Avpui.exe error is an annoying error that can make your new Windows 8 computer crash only seconds after you start it up. In this post we are going to show you how to fix it quickly and easily.

What Is Avpui.exe?

Avpui.exe is an executive file that belongs to Kaspersky security products. In most cases avpui.exe is located under Program Files. This process  doesn’t often cause problems, but recently it’s been known to make Windows 8 crash.

How to Fix Avpui.exe Error?

The first thing you should do when you start experiencing avpui.exe error is to completely close your Kaspersky Anti-Virus (you can do that by right-clicking on its icon in the System Tray or by stopping the process in the Task Manager). Then reboot your computer and restart your anti-virus. Very often doing this will put things right.

If simply restarting your anti-virus doesn’t fix the avpui.exe error, then you should check if there are any problems with your Kaspersky installation. Typically, a corrupted installation causes the avpui.exe error because there are problems in the Windows registry. Luckily, these problems are easy to fix if you have the right software, like our recommended registry cleaner. We strongly recommend that you run a free scan to see if your computer has any registry problems and fix them as soon as possible.

And last but not least, contact Kaspersky support and send them the screenshot of the error and any other relevant information, such as log files, full dump files, and so on. Only too often the avpui.exe error is only a consequence of another Windows error or a conflict with another .exe file (radeonpro.exe is known to cause avpui.exe errors). If you find the conflicting program, disable it and your computer will be back to normal.

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