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How to Automatically Run Programs as Administrator

run as administrator

Have you ever been annoyed by inability to run programs as administrator automatically? While this is not a PC error that needs fixing, there are situations where you might prefer to run programs automatically as an administrator of your computer and not have to right-click on them and select “Run as administrator…”. In this post we’re going to show you how to do that.

Create a Scheduled Task

The easiest way to configure programs to run with the highest privileges (e.g. as administrator) is to create a scheduled task. This will also let you avoid annoying UAC prompts. When you create a scheduled task, you can tell Windows which user account you want to use and which privileges that account should have. Simply select “As administrator” and you won’t have to re-run the task and click through UAC prompts. Don’t forget to specify that you want to run the task on user logon.

Create a Shortcut

Another way to run programs as administrator automatically is to create a shortcut and select the “run as administrator” option for the shortcut. This is a simple and effective solution, although you will still have to respond to UAC prompts.

Now you know how to configure programs to automatically run with administrative privileges.

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