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How To Fix The “STOP: 0x0000008e” Error


The “STOP: 0x0000008e” error is a blue screen error which displays if your system cannot continue processing data. This error is generally caused by a number of general issues, including hardware conflicts, software problems and even viruses. Unlike typical Blue Screen errors, this will actually show randomly and will not have any specific causes – meaning that in order to resolve the issue, you need to be able to repair any of the potential problems which are leading it to show.

What Causes The 0x0000008e Error?

The error will show as:


The error itself is not caused by a specific problem and will either be the result of some hardware problems, or a software error on your PC. Whilst the blue screen usually signifies a hardware/software communication fault, it can also be the cause of a virus. A common virus which communicates with your PC is known as the “HaxDoor” virus and once inside your system manages to:

  • Create a hidden process
  • Hides registry keys and files
  • Copies malicious files and drivers to your system
  • Can restore these files even if they are deleted

To determine what is causing the error, please follow the steps below.

How To Fix the 0x0000008e Error

Step 1 – Update Your PC To The Latest Service Pack / Update

Updating your PC to the latest service pack or installing the latest updates means that you can ensure that your PC system does not have any of the issues that can cause the 0x0000008e error. Microsoft are continually updating Windows to iron out a large number of bugs, so it is always recommended that you install the latest updates you can find.

To make sure you have the latest updates, you should use Windows Update, which can be done by:

  • Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update
  • Follow the on screen instructions

This should enable you to install the latest updates on your system and provide you with protection against the 0x0000008e error.

Step 3 Clean Out Viruses

One of the big causes of the 0x0000008e error is actually down to a virus called the “HaxDoor” infection. This is a common virus that’s been designed by hackers to try and infiltrate as many computers as possible and change all the settings that you have on there. The HaxDoor infection will be undetectable on your system and will continually prevent your computer from being able to correctly read all the settings & files that your system requires to run. To make sure you don’t have this virus, you need to download & run an anti-virus application to fix any of the infections you may have on your computer.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

Another big cause of the 0x0000008e error is the registry database of Windows. The “registry” is a central database which stores all the settings, information and options for your computer, and is where Windows keeps many vital settings that it requires to run. It’s often the case that a lot of registry settings become damaged and corrupted, leading your PC to take longer to run, making it run slower and with a lot of errors. To fix this problem, you should use a ‘registry cleaner’ to scan through your PC and fix any of the damaged or corrupt settings that are inside it. You can see our recommended registry cleaner below:

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