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How to Make Windows 10 Start Faster

windows 10 startup

In the past, figuring out which programs were slowing down your computer was not an easy task. You had to poke around and use advanced tools for disabling startup items. Windows 10 makes things easier. It has a tool for managing your startup applications. This tool is very easy to use and it even gives you the information about the programs that are slowing you down.

As time goes by, Windows PCs become slower. This is partly due to the fact that the startup list becomes cluttered. Preventing the programs you don’t need from starting when Windows boots up will speed up your computer a lot.

How to Access Windows 10 Startup Manager

To open Windows 10 startup manager, you’ll need to go to the Task Manager. To do that, right click on the task bar and select Task Manager. Alternatively press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. When the task manager opens, click on more details. This will open Task Manager’s full interface where you can find the Startup tab.

Disable Startup Programs

Now you can start disabling startup programs. This should be easy enough because the Startup Manager has a very intuitive interface. Check out the startup impact each program makes (Low, Medium or High) before you begin.  When you want to disable a startup item, click on the Disable button or right-click on the program entry and select Disable. If you’re not sure which items to disable, right-click on the entry and select Properties. That way you will be able to see what that program actually does. And if you’re still unsure after viewing properties, you can search for the program online.

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