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How To Remove CWDrive32.exe & Protect Your Computer

Cwdrive32.exe is a file used by a certain type of spyware / Trojan horse virus to cause problems on your system. The file will typically install itself into the “C:/Windows/System32” folder of your PC and will then work to steal personal information, as well as causing a range of different issues on your computer. If you see this file on your PC and don’t know what it is, you should not trust it at all, and need to remove it in the most effective way possible by using the tutorial on this page.

What Is CWDrive32.exe?

This virus works by performing these rogue activities on your PC:

  • It will Delete Other Applications From Disk
  • It wil lcontinually duplicate itself to evade capture
  • Will spread your personal information around the Internet using the “HTTP” protocol
  • Injects malicious code into other programs
  • Copies important Windows / data files
  • Executes  rogue applications stored in Temporary Folders

In short – this virus is not something you want on your PC, and needs to removed immediately to ensure the smooth operation of your computer. You can remove this virus very easily by using the tutorial here:

How To Remove CWDrive32.exe From Your PC

Step 1 – Manually Delete CWDrive32.exe

This file will typically be stored in this folder: “C:/Program Files/Cwdrive32.exe/Cwdrive32.exe”

Your first step should be to browse to this folder and remove the file from inside it. This can be done by loading up “My Computer” and then selecting the CWDrive32.exe file, pressing SHIFT + DELETE to get rid of permanently from your system. This will kill the core of the infection, but will not get rid of the other parts of the virus it will have.

Step 2 – Use An “Anti-Spyware” Tool To Clean Your PC Properly

You should next download our recommended anti-spyware tool called “XoftSpy”. This is a highly popular program which can scan through your PC and get rid of the various infected parts of the CWDrive32.exe infection that your computer may have. This is the best way to clean up any of the infected files the infection will have placed onto your system.

Step 3 – Clean Out Any Infected Registry Settings

It’s important that you also clean out any infected registry files that your computer may have inside. The registry is a central database which your system will use to store all the files & settings that it requires to run, and is where everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails are stored. Although the registry is highly important, it’s continually causing a large number of problems because it’s often being damaged and corrupted. Unfortunately, it’s also the case that CwDrive32.exe will place a lot of infected files into the registry, which need to be cleaned out to ensure the smooth operation of your system. You’re recommended to clean out your PC with a registry cleaner tool, which will scan through your system and fix any of the errors / infected files inside.

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