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How To Remove Windows Firewall Unit

Windows Firewall Unit is a fake anti-virus which is designed to infiltrate your computer system and disperse a number of different and potentially dangerous file and settings throughout your computer which makes it extremely difficult to fully remove. If your computer is infected with this virus then you notice that windows you have open will immediately close down and you will not be able to complete many of the most simplest tasks. After this you will notice that a program will appear on your desktop, which is Windows Firewall Unit and it will appear to scan your system and it will always find viruses and various infections. This process is to lure you into a state of panic which dramatically impacts your rational way of thinking, which then results in the program alerting you that you can remove these fake infections by purchasing the full version of the program.

How Do You Catch The Windows Firewall Unit Virus

These viruses are usually caught by opening spam emails and clicking on suspicious links, which then initiates the download of the virus onto your system. A new tactic these cyber criminals are using it attaching the virus to various Google images and so when you click on the image the virus begins to download onto your system.

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