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How To Stop The 0x0000007e Blue Screen Error

0x0000007e Blue Screen Error

The 0x0000007e error is one of the most annoying and common blue screen errors that can affect Windows computers. It strikes at random times and can cause serious damage to your computer system. This tutorial will show you how to fix the 0x0000007e blue screen error.

What Is The 0x0000007e Error?

The 0x0000007e error is Windows’ way of telling you that an error occurred on the system but it did not know what the error was. So in effect, the error code 0x0000007e is for any error that your computer has but cannot identify.

This error can appear randomly and for a number of different reasons. One of the biggest issues with the 0x0000007e error is that since it is not a specific problem on your system, there are many causes and many potential fixes. Fortunately, we’ve managed to work all the potential fixes into a simple method you can sue to make this error stop appearing. Here’s what to do:

How To Fix The 0x0000007e Error

Step 1 – Make Sure You Have Enough Hard Drive Space

Sometimes, computers can run out of hard drive space and end up saving their important files & settings in the wrong places. This causes them to become damaged and prevents Windows from being able to open them. This can cause the 0x0000007e error and to fix it, you just need to make sure that you have enough hard drive space on your PC. The typical size of a hard dive for Windows is around 80Gb.

Step 2 – Clean Out Any Viruses That Are On Your PC

Viruses can cause this error very easily. They install themselves on your PC and then proceed to change files and settings to their own benefit. This means that if Windows tries to use these files and cannot, it will be faced with an error which will stop your PC in its tracks. To prevent this, you should download an antivirus tool and then let it scan through all of your PC. It will find and remove the viruses that could cause problems in there which could stop the 0x0000007e error.

Step 3 – Update Your Bios

The “BIOS” is the loader software that your computer uses to link all your hardware together. When you load up your PC and see the black screen and white text – that’s the BIOS showing you all the specifications of your computer. The BIOS is like a really dumbed-down operating system which is designed to help your PC actually boot up and turn on. This can cause your PC to show the 0x0000007e blue screen of death error by having outdated settings and files. You should talk to your computer technician or hardware manufacturer about updating the BIOS, as it can be a tricky thing to do.

Step 4 – Update Your Drivers

The drivers of a PC are the programs that link the hardware of your computer into Windows. Whenever you add any new hardware to your PC, Windows does not know how to use it unless it has a driver to tell it what to do. Drivers are common and updated frequently… and it happens that one of the biggest causes of the 0x0000007e error is that there are outdated or corrupted drivers on your PC. You should check with your hardware suppliers’ websites to see if you have the latest drivers for your specific system.

Step 5 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

Windows has a central core which is known as the ‘registry’. This is a database which stores the system files, settings and options for your PC. The registry is one of the most important parts of Windows but can also cause the 0x0000007e error. The reason why this database causes this error is because it’s constantly being accessed by your PC. Every time you use Windows, it needs to open the registry 100’s of times to get the settings out of it. However, it often uses too many files from the registry, making it confused and leading it to save many of them in the wrong way. This causes your PC to have a series of corrupt settings which can cause the blue screen. To fix this, you should download this registry cleaner and let it scan your PC. It will remove any errors that might be causing the problems on your PC.

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