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Removal Method For Windows Tweaking Utility Virus

Windows Tweaking Utility is a fake anti-virus infection that infiltrates your computer through various means of penetration. One of the most common methods used by these infections is to attach itself onto emails and more recently, Google images. When people have opened spam emails and have accidently or even purposely clicked on the suspicious link they are unaware of what is happening. Once the virus is fully established it then gets to work by blocking normal computer processes so you can’t load any anti-spyware software that you use to remove viruses, and so the conditions for the virus are perfect as it can’t be removed by any standard virus removal software.

How Do You Catch Windows Tweaking Utility

Professional computer hackers who specialize in creating such programs produce these viruses from Eastern Europe, Asia or the Middle East. They will then attach the virus to emails, Google images, suspicious links and general software, so when people have opened spam emails or accessed Google images, or even clicked on suspicious links or downloaded untrusted software they may not have known that a virus has been installing itself in their system.

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