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Resolve Error 0x10e0

The 0x10e0 error is also coined as the “Windows Internet Explorer Error” because it is directly related to an error with the Internet browser. It shows up when you try to connect to the Internet which your computer will not let you access because of this error. The error will keep popping up each time you try to execute processes related to the web. As a consequence, the browser freezes and you computer slows down. The most common cause of this error is a corruption of the software due to a virus infection. You will need to get rid of the virus, update your Windows and clean the Registry to get rid of this error.

What Causes The 0x10e0 Error?

When running your internet browser, you will see this error message pop up:

  • “Error: (login): 0x10e0 The operator or administrator has refused the request”

If your computer is infected with malicious software or common viruses, this error will be displayed. However, there are a few other possible reasons for its appearance: outdated drivers or features of operating system, existence of irrelevant, broken registry entries and incompatible BIOS settings. Such issues will render your internet browser to be inaccessible and unable to function. You will be cut-off from web-related work on the computer until you resolve this error. The proper way to repair it is demonstrated in this tutorial below.

How To Fix The 0x10e0 Error

Step 1 – Clean Out Any Viruses On Your PC

A spyware, malware or any virus infection can be affecting your Internet activities by blocking the web browser and preventing it from functioning.  You need to remove the infection to resume using the browser. This error will disable you from using it until you provide a proper fix.

  • Download a reliable antivirus tool.
  • Install the antivirus and run a scan of your system.
  • Use the tool to remove all the viruses identified.
  • Close the application

Step 2 – Download The Latest Windows Updates

At times, the issue is with the compatibility of Windows drivers and features with the web browser application. Your system has to keep up with the necessary components to be able to execute computer operations. Fix this by getting the latest updates of Windows.

  • Go to official website of Microsoft.
  • Find Windows Updates.
  • Download the suggested updates for your operating system.
  • Wait for the process to finish and restart your computer when prompted.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

You will need appropriate and highly efficient software that can scan the registry for issues and fix them too. If you do it manually, there could be a chance of ending up with a system crash and a more complicated problem because the registry is very delicate and modifications to it should only be done to it if you are knowledgeable with computers. We recommend you download the RegAce System Suite, the recommended software by experts to specifically deal with problems in the registry. It will find existing issues, virus traces, faulty entries and remove the data causing errors in your computer system.

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