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Windows Error 42 Fix – Hardware Error 42 Resolution Steps

Error 42 is caused by a faulty or incompatible device driver on your system. It will typically show when you are trying to either use a particular program, or feature, inside Windows, and generally means that your system is not able to correctly process the settings that it requires to run the hardware. The good news is that you can fix the problems you’re seeing with error 42 very easily if you know what issues are causing them to show.

What Causes The Windows 42 Error?

This error will typically show in this format:

-“Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because there is a duplicate device already running in the system. (Code 42)”

There are several causes to this problem. This includes a missing device driver, corrupted binary file, issues with the file I/O process and the error also occurs when the driver that is trying to reference an entry point to separate binary file cannot load. Problems with the registry keys can also cause a lot of issues. I/O operation problems along with unresponsive devices are the main issues that contribute to the occurrence of this problem. Furthermore, the discovery of a serial number in a new location prior to its removal from its previous location can also cause this problem. Lastly, the error also occurs when one of the drivers controlling the device sends a notification to the operating system that the device failed in some way.

How to Fix Windows Error 42

Step 1 – Update the Drivers For The Specific Piece Of Hardware At Fault

Driver issues account for a lot of problems associated with this error. This becomes a significant problem because the computer cannot run without the right drivers. To solve this issue, the drivers should be reinstalled. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to Start>Run and then type sysdm.cpl in the run box.

Press Ok and then open the Hardware using System Properties.

Go to Device manager and then double-click on the device to see the devices in the system.

Double-click on a device to see its properties. Select the device to be reinstalled and then click the uninstall button to get rid of the existing driver.

Reinstall the driver removed and then go to Device Manager. Right click on the device and then scan for hardware changes.

Launch the Add Hardware option and then complete the instructions.

Step 2 – Re-Install the Hardware at Fault

Another way to solve the problem is to reconnect the hardware. Unplug the hardware and then reconnect it to make sure the problem won’t persist. This is only recommended if you both have experience & confidence with the hardware of computers.

Step 3 – Update Windows

Updating Windows will also allow you to quickly fix any of the potential problems that your system may have. Microsoft are great at releasing new programs, updates and applications which will allow your system to run much smoother & without any of the errors that your system may have. Considering that error 42 is caused by some device & hardware settings inside Windows, you can fix the error by updating Windows. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click “Start”, locate “All Programs”
  • Click “Windows Update”
  • Let your PC  download all of its updates

Step 4 – Clean Registry

Windows Error 42 can also be caused by a corrupted or damaged registry database. This means that in order to fix the problems you’re seeing, you should look to clean out the registry with a reliable registry cleaner application. The registry is a large database inside every Windows system, which stores all the important settings & options that your system requires to run. Although this database is highly important, it’s continually causing a lot of problems for your computer, meaning that if you want to fix the problems it has, it’s recommended you download a registry cleaner and let it clean out the issues that Windows may have.

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