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Windows Random Shutdowns

If your computer randomly shuts down, it suggests that there are a number of problems with the settings it has inside. In order to resolve this problem, you need to address these problems, and then fix the various causes of issues that your PC may have. This can be done by first ensuring the hardware for your system is working correctly, and then that your PC can read the files that it requires to run again. Here’s how to do it!

What Causes Random Windows Shutdowns?

There are a number of possible causes that will cause your system to shut down randomly. These include:

  • Your PC will be continually overheating
  • Windows will have registry errors
  • Windows will have problems with its drivers

How To Fix Random Windows Shutdowns

Step 1 – Cool Down Your PC

The first step is to cool down your PC, as it is likely becoming overheated. This process can be done by opening up the case of your system, and then pointing a desk fan at it, letting the cool air blow over your system, helping it run smoother.

We’ve found one of the main problems with PCs is that they will become too hot, and consequently make your system run much slower and even restart. Your system is like a lightbulb – the energy running through it creates this heat which often causes problems. To resolve this, we recommend cooling down your system with a desk fan.

Step 2 – Update The Drivers Of Your System

We would also recommend updating the drivers of your PC. The drivers of Windows are small pieces of software which have been created to connect your hardware to your system, and are vital in the smooth operation of your computer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that can lead the drivers to either stop working, or have a number of potential problems with the operation of your PC. To resolve this problem, we highly recommend using a “Driver Update” tool, as can be seen here:

  • Download a driver update tool, like Driver Finder
  • Install this software & let it run
  • For all the outdated drivers it finds, let it clean out the problems on your PC
  • Restart your system

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

Random computer shutdowns are also caused by registry errors. The registry is basically a type of database which all Windows computers use to store their most important information inside, and is continually used to help your PC to process the important options that it requires to run. Unfortunately, registry errors will often cause a multitude of problems on your system, including the likes of Windows having damaged settings & errors, preventing it from being able to run correctly.

We recommend using a program called RegAce System Suite to resolve the random shut down problems that you may have on your PC. This tool is the most effective registry cleaner program we’ve used to fix Windows errors, and is able to repair the various issues that your system will have.

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