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How To Fix Common User32.dll Errors

User32.dll errors are extremely common and annoying for a lot of people. They appear when you try to use a program on your computer – posting an error that includes the “User32.dll” file in its description. This problem may occur for several reasons. Here’s what you need to do to fix it…

What Is User32.dll ?

User32.dll is a file that controls the message alert boxes & window-panes when you are using your computer. Each software program on your system or any component of Windows has to use this DLL file to help your computer run as smoothly as possible. It’s an essential file inside Windows, but if you’re getting errors from it, you really need to be able to fix the problem for good.

To fix the User32.dll errors, you basically either need to repair or reinstall the software, hardware component or files that are causing the error, allowing it to be read quickly and smoothly by your PC. In order to fix the User32.dll error, here’s what needs to be done:

Steps To Fix The User32.dll Error

Step 1 – Update Windows

Getting the latest version of Windows is the most common fix for the User32.dll error. To do this, you should click on Start > Control Panel > Windows Update.

This will bring up the Windows Update screen where you can check for updates and install the latest updates for your system. You might also want to look at this tutorial on how to update your Windows PC as well. When you get an update, it will generally have all the latest versions of the essential DLL files that Windows needs, which could cure the User32 issue for you. However, if this does not work, you should try looking at step 2…

Step 2 – Reinstall Any Recent Software, Hardware Or Component Installations

If you find the user32.dll error appearing when you’ve just performed a new installation, you should try and uninstall the software, hardware or other component on your PC and then reinstall the device. The problem could be that the installation made the user32.dll file corrupt, which is triggering the error. Reinstalling will refresh the files inside the installation folder and repair your system.

Step 3 – Try Replacing The User32.dll File

Note: This step might cause undesirable results and should only be attempted if you assume full responsibility of your computer system.

1) Download this replacement User32.dll file

2) Browse to C:\Windows\System32

3) Locate “user32.dll” in that folder

4) Rename your current user32.dll to “user32.dll.old”

5) Take the new user32.dll file

6) Place the new User32.dll file and put it into the C:\Windows\System32 folder

7) Restart your PC

This will place the fresh user32.dll file into your system, which will prevent a corrupt or damaged file from being an issue. You should try using this step if steps 1 & 2 do not work.

Step 4 – Scan For Viruses

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Viruses can infect DLL files and cause them to become unusable. This is a big problem for Windows because if it cannot read the dll files it needs, it will end up having errors and other problems. It’s recommended that you download and run an antivirus program to scan through your PC and remove any of the viruses that are inside it. This will help you to get your system to run smoother and will also make sure that the error does not come back.

Step 5 – Clean The Registry

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The registry is a big database which stores ‘path references’ for all the DLL files on your PC. It’s basically a big storage facility which tells Windows where all of the .dll files are on your system. Whenever you use a software program or a driver, it has to look in the registry database to find out where the various files that it needs are located. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that many of the references that are stored inside the registry are corrupted and damaged, leading Windows to be unable to read the .dll files it needs. This could be the cause of your user32.dll error and to fix the problem, you should try using a registry cleaner such as our recommended one below:

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