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How To Fix Ltdis12n.dll Errors

Ltdis12n.dll is a dynamic link library file developed by the LEADTOOLS Technologies company and is used extensively with Microsoft Office and other programs. The file is used to help render images and graphics inside a variety of programs and is normally located in the Office program files folder (typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office). This DLL file can cause errors at boot and when you want to load a program and here’s how to fix it…

What Causes Ltdis12n.dll Errors?

The errors caused by Ltdis12n.dll are created mainly by applications overwriting the version of ltdis12n.dll that your original programs need, causing a corruption or conflict. The file can also be corrupted or damaged, and can also be the target of virus infections and corrupt registry settings.

The errors that this file normally produces include:

  • Cannot Load LTDIS12n.dll
  • LtDis12n.dll Not Found
  • Application Failed To Start Because Ltdis12n.dll was not found

How To Fix Ltdis12n.dll Errors

Step 1 – Try Reinstalling The Application Causing The Error

If you’re receiving this error after trying to start a specific program, such as Microsoft Frontpage or similar, then you should try reinstalling the programs that are damaged. It’s often the case that programs will overwrite the ltdis12n.dll file that they need, causing a lot of damage and problems on your PC, and so you should follow this tutorial to fix it:

1) Click Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs

2) Browse to the program you want to uninstall

3) Click “Uninstall” next to the program

4) When uninstall is complete, restart your PC

5) When Windows loads up, install a FRESH copy of the application

6) Follow the on-screen instructions

7) Restart your PC after installation has finished

8 ) Test your application again

This will remove the application and all the program files that it needs, replacing them with a fresh copy of them. However, this may not solve the issue completely.

Step 2 – Manually Replace Ltdis12n.dll

If you’re still receiving errors from ltdis12n.dll, then you’ll want to replace the file on your PC. To do this, you must first follow this simple strategy:

1)  Download from our server

2) Unzip the ltdis12n.dll file onto your computer’s hard drive

3) Search for where ltdis12n.dll is located on your PC

4) Open the containing folder of ltdis12n.dll & locate the file

5) Rename the current ltdis12n.dll to ltdis12nBACKUP.dll

6) Copy & paste the new ltdis12n.dll into the folder

7) Click Start > Run (Or search”run” on Vista & Win7)

8 ) Type “cmd” in the box that appears

9) Type “regsvr32 ltdis12n.dll” on the black screen

10) Press enter

This will basically replace the current ltdis12n.dll file on your system, preventing any corruption or version mismatching from causing the errors on your PC. This often solves most errors caused by this file but if it does not stop with this step, try steps 3 & 4:

Step 3 – Clean Out Viruses

– Download This Virus Scanner

Antivirus programs are software tools which scan through your PC and remove any of the viruses or malware infections that are on your system. It’s often the case that viruses will infect various DLL files on your computer and then cause them to be unreadable to your PC. To ensure this is not happening on your computer, you should try using an antivirus program to scan through your system and remove any of the infections that cause all these errors. You can download our recommended antivirus program from the link above, but there are a large variety of programs available.

Step 4 – Clean The Registry

– Download This Registry Cleaner

The ‘registry’ is a big database inside Windows which keeps a large list of references for the DLL files on your system. This central database is where Windows keeps a list of the DLL file locations for your computer, and is where your system looks each time it wants to use a dll file such as ltdis12n.dll. Unfortunately, it’s prone to becoming damaged and corrupted and is constantly being unable to read the files and references that it needs to open the files that it wants. You can use a registry cleaner to fix this problem, as it will scan through the registry database and fix any of the damaged and corrupted files that are causing problems. You can see our recommended registry cleaner below:

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