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ProtectDefender Removal Instructions – Remove Protect Defender

Windows Defender 2010 is an annoying software tool that is constantly installing itself on 1,000’s of computers with the sole aim of exploiting their owners and getting them to hand over large sums of money. Although Windows Defender might appear to be a legitimate program, it’s got no merit at all, and has been designed to perform a fake antivirus scan and then scare you into buying the tool. This tool does not work and can be removed using the method below:

ProtectDefender Screenshot

How To Remove PerfectDefender

STEP 1 – Kill Processes

  • ProtectDefender.exe
  • Uninstall.exe

You should open up the “Task Manager” by clicking CTRL + ALT + DEL and then click on the “Processes” tab. This will then display a list of running processes, where you should then be able to find the listed files above. Click on each one and then click on the “End Process” button to stop the program from running. You can see an example of how that works below:

Stop The ProtectDefender Processes

STEP 2 – Remove Files & Directories

  • %UserProfile%\Desktop\ProtectDefender.lnk
  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\ProtectDefender.lnk
  • c:\Program Files\ProtectDefender Software
  • c:\Program Files\ProtectDefender Software\ProtectDefender
  • c:\Program Files\ProtectDefender Software\ProtectDefender\ProtectDefender.exe
  • c:\Program Files\ProtectDefender Software\ProtectDefender\Uninstall.exe
  • c:\WINDOWS\1059zwo5m236.ocx
  • c:\WINDOWS\10980haczt9ol3e5.bin
  • c:\WINDOWS\system32\3328downlo5dez11979.bin
  • c:\WINDOWS\system32\339zbackdoor1975.bin
  • c:\WINDOWS\system32\3499zir5s6ef.ocx

These files & directories store the files that make ProtectDefender work. This means that you just need to go into “My Computer”, find the above directories, select them with your mouse and press SHIFT + DELETE. This will permanently remove them from your PC, preventing the program from loading up ever again.

STEP 3 – Unregister DLLs

  • 10492zacktool650.dll

Click to find out about how to unregister DLLs here.

STEP 4 – Clean The Registry (Highly Recommended)

In order to prevent ProtectDefender coming back on your PC, you need to remove all the registry entries it has entered. This important, because many people leave these intact and end up having the problem come back again. Registry entries store the settings and options for the program, and by using a registry cleaner, you can remove them all and get your computer fit and healthy again. This is highly recommended.

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