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How To Deal With RunDLL Errors

Example Of RunDLL Error

RunDLL  errors have plagued computer users ever since the days of Windows ’98. This kind of error is a big problem for many people who just want to be able to use their PC’s without a problem. Fortunately, there’s a very simple and easy way to fix this problem if you know how.

What Are RunDLL Errors?

Rundll.exe (16 bit) and Rundll32.exe (32 bit) are command-line programs used by Windows to utilize the contents of various DLL files. DLL (dynamic Link Library) files store functions and information about your system, allowing various software tools to load a vareity of centralized functions. The rundll programs are used by your software to load the functions these software programs need… and are therefore very important for the smooth operation of your system.

What Causes RunDLL Errors?

RunDLL errors are caused almost exclusively by corrupt and damaged dll file references inside Windows. There are also a lot of viruses and “malware” which are designed to taget rundll.exe as it’s such a crucal part of the Windows system. Either way, the reason why you’re seeing the errors on your screen is because either Rundll.exe is damaged or it cannot open the various DLL files that are needed by various programs.

A multitude of reasons can cause the RunDLL errors to appear, but in order to make your computer better able to cope with the problems that are appearing on your system, you really need to cover all the bases and make sure that everything is as it should be. Here’s how to fix these errors:

How To Fix The RunDLL Errors

Step 1 – Clean Out The DLL References Inside The Registry

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The main cause of RunDLL errors is that the ‘registry’ holds incorrect data for where these files are located. Each time you use your computer, your PC is constantly looking for the DLL files that it needs to run. Windows stores a large list of DLL file references inside your system, informing your software of where various DLL files are kept. Unfortunately, many of these DLL file references become outdated, leading Windows to become unable to read the DLL files it needs to run. This is a big problem which explains why you might be seeing the “unable to load _______.dll” error. To fix this, you should download a registry cleaner and let it scan your PC. It will locate all the damaged DLL references and make your system better able to read the files it needs.

Step 2 – Clean Out Virus Infections From Your PC With An Antivirus Scanner

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Viruses are another big cause of the various RunDLL errors that people see on their systems. This is a big problem because not only do viruses actually cause major damage to these files, but it can also take your personal details and send them across the Interent, which is very bad. You should download an antivirus scanner from the Internet and use it to scan through your system and remove any of the virus infections that are inside your PC.

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