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Personal Security Removal – How To Remove Personal Security

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Personal Security is an updated version of Cyber Security, the notorious rogue antivirus tool that infects your PC automatically. This new rogue software tool installs itself on your computer, and proceeds to “pretend” to scan your system for viruses. It will then bring back a lot of fake results, and persuade you to buy the program, making the hackers who produced the tool an unhonest profit.

Personal Security – Rogue Antivirus


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Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Removal Tutorial

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Microsoft Security Essrntials Alert is a rogue anti-virus which gains access to your computer via Trojans or software vulnerability, the virus will gain access to your system and disperse a number of different files and settings around your computer which will then create the correct environment needed for the virus to thrive. It does this by blocking normal computer processes so that you are unable to access the internet or My Computer etc.


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How To Remove XP Total Security 2011

Monday, May 16th, 2011

XP Total Security 2011 is a newly released fake antivirus tool that’s currently installing itself onto 100’s of computers around the World. Despite looking like it could be a legitimate tool, this infection is a complete scam and should not be trusted at all on your computer. Fortunately, removing this virus is actually quite easy if you’re able to use the steps outlined on this website.


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Win7 Total Security Removal Guide

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Win7 Total Security is a newly released fake antivirus tool which has been created by hackers to try and get you to buy the rogue upgrade to this program. Although this software looks legitimate, it’s a total scam and needs to be removed in the most effective way in order to ensure the continued smooth operation of your PC. The good news is that although this program may seem like it’s impossible to remove, you can get rid of it relatively easily by using a simple process which enables you to delete the software from your system in the most effective way possible.


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Win7 Internet Security 2011 Virus Removal

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Win7 Internet Security 2011 is a newly released fake antivirus tool which has been created by hackers to try and scam you into purchasing the fake upgrade to this program. We’ve found that although this program might seem legitimate, it’s a total scam and should not be trusted at all. In order to remove this software from your PC, you have to first stop it from running and then delete all the files it will have inside.


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