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STOP 0X000000F4 Error Fix

0X000000F4 Error is a hard disk problem which occurs on Windows computers.  The problem is mainly caused by certain motherboards, which Microsoft is currently looking into. It is also caused by a hard disk which has already become corrupted, or is not properly connected to the motherboard.  The error messages typically show up when you try to copy a large amount of data or too many files into another computer in the network.  To fix the error, you need to verify the integrity of your hard drive and make sure that it is working properly.  This tutorial will help you stop the various 0x000000F4 errors.

What Causes The 0x000000F4 Error?

The error is caused by a faulty hard drive, or the cable that connects the hard drive to the motherboard is loose or is already worn out.  Your hard disk might also be configured to run as slave and there are no other devices connected on the same IDE, SATA or PATA controller channel.  It is also possible to receive the errors because of problems with settings on your computer.  You need to fix the problem to resolve the error – which can be done by following the steps listed below:

How To Fix The 0x000000F4 Error

Step 1 – Ensure Your Hard Drive Is Working Correctly

To stop the error, you need to ensure that your hard drive is working properly.  The first thing that you need to do is verify that the hard drive is connected properly to the cable, and the cable is attached properly to the motherboard.  To make sure that the drive is readable, replace the cable with a new cable.  Configure your hard drive to be the master hard drive only (for PATA), or connect the hard disk to the master channel connector (for SATA).

Step 2 – Repair Any Registry Errors On Your PC

The “registry” can be a huge source of 0x000000F4 errors.  It is a major component of your Windows system that stores all the important settings for all files and programs.  Windows constantly accesses the registry to remember how to load a certain file or program, and to be able to run them properly.  However, there are many errors that surround the registry mainly because Windows loads multiple registry keys at the same time and saves them in the wrong way.  The registry can be filled with broken registry keys or damaged registry keys over a period of time.  The way to fix the 0x000000F4 errors in your PC requires you to repair any registry errors that your computer may have.  You can manually locate and repair the damaged registry keys, but that is very hard and can be extremely time consuming, not to mention dangerous for your system as you can easily damage other registry keys.  To repair registry errors, you can use a registry cleaner program to automatically do the cleaning for you.

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