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How To Fix “Hpzscr01.exe Is Missing” Error

Hpzscr01.exe is an application belonging to the Hewlett-Packard (HP) corporation, which is designed to control the installation of various HP products. Every time and HP product, driver or software application is updated or installed, the Hpzscr01.exe file is used. However, this file is famous for causing a large number of problems for your Windows system. The Hpzscr01.exe file is normally stored in the C:\Documents And Settings folder of your computer.

What Causes “Hpzscr01.exe Is Missing” Errors

Hpzscr01.exe errors are normally caused by two problems. The first is that Hpzscr01.exe is either corrupted or damaged and the second is that the file – or one of its subsidiaries – is already being used by a running process of the HP software.

Error 1 – File Is Missing

Hpzscr01.exe Is Missing

This is the most common error caused by Hpzscr01.exe, and it’s caused by one of your HP programs not installing the file in the right place. This makes the file unable to be read and causes the error you’re seeing.

To fix this, you simply need to insert the installation CD for your HP product you want to uninstall or change, and  then locate the Hpzscr01.exe file on the disc. One found, double-click on the file to load it, and it should run the installer for you.

Error 2 – Hpzscr01.exe Needs To Close

Hpzscr01.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience

This error is caused by an HP software continuing to run & use Hpzscr01.exe even though another part of your system needs to use the same application. This is a big problem which is solved by closing all other HP software programs on your PC.

You need to:

– Disable HP software at startup

1) Click Start > Run (search “run” in Vista & Win7)

2) Type “msconfig” into the run box

3) On the window that opens, click on “startup” on the tabs at the top

4) For each “HP” software program, un-check the startup option to prevent it from starting at boot

5) Restart

– Disable HP software from task manager

1) Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard

2) Load the “Task Manager”

3) Click on the “Processes” tab

4) For each HP program that’s on there, click on it and then click “End Process” to stop it running

After doing that, try to perform the same task you did before. This should free up Hpzscr01.exe and prevent the conflict that you encountered before.

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