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How to Find Out Which Program Is Using Up CPU Resources

There are tons of reasons for a computer to become slow. You might not have enough RAM, your computer may be too old for the programs you’re trying to run, or an app or a Windows process is eating up all your CPU resources. In this article, we’ll help you...

make windows shut down faster

A Simple Tip to Make Windows Shut Down Faster

Windows 8 and 10 usually shut down really quickly. Unless there’s something wrong with your configuration and something is preventing your Windows from closing correctly. Here are some simple tips that will help your PC shut down faster. Check Your WaitToKillServiceTimeout Value When you are shutting down your computer, Windows...

Windows Update Is Stuck Error Fix

Most of the time Windows Update works as it should. It automatically installs updates in the background and asks you for an occasional reboot. However, sometimes it gets stuck, fails to install an important update and thus prevents the OS from installing other updates. In this article we’re going to...

Delete browser cookies

How to Delete Cookies from All Popular Browsers

Visit any website and you’ll get a notification that the website uses cookies. But what exactly are those cookies and how do you delete them from your browser? Read on to find out. What Are Cookies? Cookies are tiny files a website puts on your computer to store bits of...

Spring-clean your pc

How to Make Your Computer Use Less Power

Is your PC a power hog that increases your monthly electricity bill? It doesn’t have to be, but high powered gaming desktops often consume more power than they really should. Here’s what you can do to make your PC use less power.