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How To Remove The ‘Essential Cleaner’ Virus

Essential Cleaner is what is known as a Fake Anti-Virus whose main aim is to try and get you to hand over your hard earned money without realising that you’ve been conned. Essential Cleaner is designed by hackers and is a complete fraud and should not be trusted at all. Some of the symptoms you will see from having this on your computer is that all other programs are continually blocked and it will always try to get you to purchase the ‘full’ version of the program. One of their most powerful characteristics is that they look very legitimate and professional, which is why so many people get conned and have their money stolen by these fraudulent programs. However you can fully remove this infection but first, to ensure this problem is not a big deal, you have to first restart your PC into “Safe Mode” before getting rid of the infection with a legitimate anti-spyware application.

How Do You Catch Essential Cleaner

There a number of different ways that you can catch this fake anti-virus, but below are the most common ways that people have caught it:

  • Opening spam or suspicious emails
  • Navigating round an infected website (which most of the time, people don’t know about)
  • Downloading programs from a suspicious source

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