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Windows Expansion System Removal – Virus Removal

Windows Expansion System is a newly released rogue antivirus infection. If you get this virus on your PC, you’ll typically find that it will block the Task Manager of your computer, prevent your PC from being able to access the files that it needs to run various pieces of software, and will generally cause a large amount of problems. This infection is known as a “Rogue Antivirus Tool“, and has been designed by hackers to try and get you to buy the rogue upgrade to this tool through showing you fake scanning results.

What Is Windows Expansion System, Exactly?

Windows Expansion System is a fake antivirus program that’s been created to try and get you to buy rogue upgrade to the tool. The way this scam works is exactly how you’d imagine – it downloads itself onto your computer, installs this fake piece of software and then tries to get you to buy the rogue upgrade to the program from showing you false scanning results.

This virus will typically come from these locations:

  • Comes from a fake download
  • Comes with another software tool
  • Downloads itself from some fake websites

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